About Company

Tas Celik Kapi (Tas Steel Door) operating since year 1990 and has become one of the leading companies of the sector thanks to investments made in R & D and technology towards 2000.
Our attempt to provide the highest quality at most affordable prices as our company understanding has reached success with the contributions of our valued customers.
Perhaps the most fundamental feature that separates our company from a lot of other companies in steel door is to show our customers that quality is inaccessible.
Our sales based on customer satisfaction, assurances and guarantees given is our indicator of the trust in ourselves in the steel door industry.
As Tas Steel Door increasing the potential for sales and aiming to be a leader, provide you dozens of models and options, aim to produce doors that ensure security to your home and aesthetically complement your home.
Tas Steel Doors containing a combination of modern and robust structure of European standards and TSE documents awaits our valuable users.
You can reach all our models through our website. WE WISH YOU SAFE AND PEACEFUL DAYS.

General Manager HIKMET TASCI.