Doors and Earthquakes

You may wonder what kind of relation could there be between the Steel Doors and Earthquakes while you're reading this passage. In the aftermath of the Gölcük earthquake which happened in August 1999, which has an important place in world history and which took the lives of 17000 people, there have been tremendous difficulties in exiting from many damaged buildings.
As a steel door manufacturer, the part that concerns us begins precisely here.
One of the many feedback topics which have emerged after this earthquake is that, steel doors which had a central locking system could not be opened due to the lower locking shaft. Hence, after this date, lock manufacturers have removed the lower locking shaft from the system. The point we're trying to make here is, a manufacturer's obligation to closely follow the developments in its field and design its manufacturing algorithm in a manner parallel to such developments.
We at Ta? Çelik Kap? closely follow the progresses in our sector, and after conducting a benefit-cost analysis, we integrate such novelties and improving technology into our manufacture.


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