Important Technical Details

Steel doors are made of DKP steel sheets. These sheets can be of any thickness and any kind. Door frame thickness of a steel door has to be 2,00mm and door wings thickness has to be 1,5 mm according to TSE standards. Today, many companies produce doors that compromise these standards to earn more money by selling cheaper door. So, a steel door purchased for your safety can be weaker than wooden doors, can be a part of tin. The thickness measures must be checked well. Of course, it is a dilemma for a normal consumer to purchase a steel door by making such determination. But we shall give you information on how this measurement can be done and which tool is used for such process. You can measure the steel door you intend to purchase with a measurement tool called the gauge. The average weight of the door you wish to purchase can give you an idea too. Company having a TSE document is an indication of the production of steel door in this standard, however this situation can be abused.


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