Installation Technique of Steel Door

After the process that starts by placing an order of steel door that is liked by yourself at our showroom; , authorized personnel will visit your apartment and take the measure of the old door. Our system as mentioned in other texts, is not forced to fit your flat regardless of the size of your existing door. Serious difficulties are experienced in assembling this type of steel door. The possibility of damage to your apartment door during the assembly of the doors may even be a contradiction to earthquake regulations. Therefore, installation of Ta? Çelik Kap? has developed its process according to this truth. After taking the measurement, your steel door is produced according to these measurements within approximately 2 weeks. Our technical staff will visit you again for assembly by making an appointment to determined date according to you.

The steel door brought by being packed within a special foil is carried to the appropriate place in the stairwell and the dismantling of the old door will begin.
Your old door dismantled with the least damage possible, careful and in a thoughtful way will be taken to an empty warehouse of yours or by us in accordance with your instructions and your place of your new steel door will be ready.
The assembly of the wing will begin once the case assembly is completed by balancing and assembly of the steel door will be completed with final adjustments. Yet the most important work that makes us different as a model is the realization technique of the assembly process without any remains of a construction.
Incorrect mounting will lead the user difficulties such as clamping of steel door, hard locking, irregular and asymmetric working etc. The production of your door in our system and 20 years of experience are among the largest assurances not experienced in this situations.