Steel Door According to Measure

We will produce and assemble your steel door according to the size of home without any demolition and disruption. On Instead of forcing a standard steel door to your home in the name of mass production, we produce the door according to the measurements of your current door by taking measurements when we come to your house before production. Thus, your home and door walls do not get damaged.
Why should you have a door made according to measurement?
While the standard restrained steel doors are assembled, the concrete side beams next to the doorway are demolished during the process of placing the door to its place by breaking the walls by all manner of means. Steel door is only mounted to brick wall. Resistance is quite weak in this type of assemblies. The sides of the door needs to be mounted on the concrete as far as possible. This type of steel door assemblies, the firm and the customer can end up in court as a result of complete demolition of the concrete wall. Attention must be paid to such practices when mounting .
Steel doors that are applied according to measure, can be mounted to enter door of apartment from our firm. You can see the steel doors made for apartment entrance doors from our products menu.


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