The manufacturing story of a door

In the process that begins with taking measurements of the area where assembly will take place, our chief of production will be given the details and model of the steel door measured.
DKP steel sheets that are used in the mentioned door, firstly bends according to the thickness of the case, then is prepared to be bay of steel door. After pooling the wing pieces with the welding technology, assembly begins by giving necessary range of locks and hinges on serene on the wings of the steel door. However, at this stage, gas welding technology is used. After assembly of hinge and the exercise of lock is complete, the coating process of the prepared steel door according to wings and frame is done. After the process of coating technology dressed up with high heat, lacquer polishing process is carried out on the door from the hall. Once the hot dry environment, accessories and lock are made​​, it gets ready for assembly.